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Interview with General Secretary of EAP

Dear all,

Coru has put forward draft proposals (Sept 2023)  for standards for future training in psychotherapy. These proposals do not affect existing courses.

Interview with EAP General Secretary re Coru proposals

It has been a longstanding tenet of psychotherapy training that students undergo personal psychotherapy as an integral part of their training. Psychotherapy within the training process is a defining feature and part of the identity of the profession.

The current Coru draft proposals do not require any psychotherapy within the training process. This is  unacceptable. It is also greatly at variance with the professional  norms in Europe as articulated by the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

In an interview on 13 Nov 2023 Edward Boyne of the Tivoli Institute discusses the Coru draft proposals with Tom Warnecke, General Secretary of the EAP.

The interview can be viewed here:

 Edward Boyne interviews Tom Warnecke EAP Gen Sec - YouTube