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Autogenic (AT) Training Course

New** Autogenic (AT) Training Course Starting October 2023

The Tivoli Institute 6-week AT Training Course is designed to teach simple and effective skills to manage stress and anxiety at a mind and body level

Autogenic Therapy (AT) is a powerful, restorative mind and body technique, developed by Dr. Johnannes Heinrich Schultz, involving simple relaxation and body awareness exercises to promote mind-body awareness, stress and anxiety management and to build long term resilience. AT has been shown to be an effective tool in preventative medicine, stress-related disorders and panic attacks. It can relieve tension, lessen anxiety and enhance performance.

This training is for anyone who wants to benefit from gaining the self-help tools to manage stress in the present and to develop long term strategies to reduce stress and anxiety. It is also of benefit for qualified or trainee psychotherapists who wish to gain a deeper trust in their relationship with 'self' and for those in the caring professions who want to learn new techniques for self-care.

Course Start Date and Time

October 2023
Monday evenings, 5.45pm to 7pm

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Janet Murray, Director, Tivoli Institute


The Tivoli Institute, 24 Clarinda Park East, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin


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